What our clients have said about MFR

Quality Work

“I have found Ms. Fleming Reed to be of the highest caliber and among the best in the business. She and her staff are competent, reliable, professional, responsive, sensitive to the needs of complainants and management, and conduct their investigations with care, thoughtfulness, timeliness, confidentiality and candor. They have an ability to navigate extremely complex and sensitive environments and issues and to produce a written report that is clear, complete, legally and professionally sound, and timely.”

“MFR produces an excellent and high-quality work product. This quality is reflected in the overall work: interviews, assessment, legal analysis, reports, letters and briefings.”

“I have called on Ms. Marcella Fleming Reed many times for counsel in complicated personnel issues. Ms. Fleming Reed has a proven record of sound judgment, a strong work ethic, conflict resolution skills and community involvement.”

“Ms. Reed and her firm have been selected for the projects which are more complex and where an experienced and thoughtful approach is required. The investigations have been conducted in a highly ethical and thorough manner consistent with the scope of the contract and delivered within the timeframe agreed to. Ms. Reed is quite exceptional at analyzing the variety of risks to the agency and working with me to develop the most effective investigative strategy.”

“The quality of the work performed was excellent. Both Human Resources and the section Manager were very pleased. Ms. Reed’s interview/communication style and demeanor were effective in developing rapport with the people she interviewed and conducive to obtaining admissions. She made sound credibility judgments.”

“I have worked with several external consultants, all of which offer a particular skill set and approach. However, I will continue to hire Ms. Reed and her firm for the most difficult situations where experience, HR expertise and outstanding investigative abilities are the ‘must haves’.”

Responsive and Collaborative

“I find that Ms. Reed and her Associates are very insightful and responsive to the needs of the department and are easy to work with. [They] were attentive to the sensitivities and offered support around the clock to the college President in responding to the community, and provided me with regular updates on status and costs as the investigation progressed.”

“Calls and emails are returned quickly. Questions are promptly resolved. The client is kept well informed on status and next steps.”

“MFR works collaboratively with any team and has been able to accommodate our needs. MFR has conducted investigations and worked with employee schedules on swing shift, graveyard, and weekends.”

“Ms. Reed was very responsive; in fact, she initiated most of the communications, keeping the client apprised of the on-going investigation. When the client initiated communication, she typically responded on the same day, and always within 24 hours.”

Helps Maintain Positive Working Relationships

“The fact that the complainant concluded, based on his interaction with Ms. Reed, that she has integrity and that she conducted a fair and objective investigation was a major accomplishment in itself. This was a win-win outcome for both management and the complaint, not an outcome often accomplished particularly given the fact that the complainant’s claim was not substantiated.”

“Ms. Fleming Reed addressed not only the legal considerations but also issues of fairness, reasonableness, and responded to all parties’ concerns. She was able to see the issues from each individual’s perspective and to articulate her findings in terms they could hear.”

“The complainant felt she was in a hostile work group where she was misunderstood and unsupported. MFR’s investigator was able to thoroughly review the concerns. The complainant felt the investigator was ethical, sympathetic and fair – even though her claims were not verified.”

“At the conclusion of the investigation, Ms. Fleming Reed met with each complainant to summarize the investigation, review the report and to answer questions. Due to her care, concern and respect for each party, not to mention a solid and defensible investigation, she was able to share the results with each party in a way that made them feel heard and valued, regardless of the conclusions.”

“More than just the investigation of the complainant’s claim, what was accomplished of equal importance due to Ms. Reed’s insight was a milestone in the development of trust between the complainant and management, where a schism had long existed.”

 Team Building

“In the close to ten years I have known Ms. Reed, [the client] has utilized the services of MFR Law Group in a variety of ways including training on team building, meeting facilitation, diversity, employment/labor policies and organizational structure.”

“Ms. Reed has demonstrated communication skills that have resulted in a high level of staff engagement, inclusion of diverse perspectives, and a sense of group achievement.”

“It is perhaps Ms. Reed’s ability to effectively teach concepts and also relay tools to reinforce those concepts that made the experience of working with Ms. Reed a satisfying one for staff.”

“Ms. Fleming Reed facilitated communication between the two [individuals] following the conclusion of the investigative report in a way that enabled them to mend the wounds created by the complaint and investigative time period.”

 Executive Coaching

We have also had the opportunity to consult with Ms. Reed on leadership coaching. Ms. Reed is able to provide a multidimensional perspective because of her deep experience of work on behalf of clients from a wide spectrum of sectors and entity sizes.”

“My job in the prosecutor’s office demanded more than ever that I have a broad knowledge of diversity in our county. I met Marcella when she first came to our office when we needed team building and leadership coaching. She led us to a place which was safe for everyone to voice their opinion, and leaders gained the knowledge from Marcella on how to accomplish their own conflict resolutions. I personally gained something as valuable: a person who cared about me and my quest to learn more about diversity.”

“She worked with me to develop a strategy for immediately stopping the Director’s behavior, team building with the staff, coaching the Executive Director in leadership, conflict mediation between the staff and Director, and assisted me in a report to the Board. She held a team-building retreat for the staff off site and because of her integrity and leadership, they trusted her. The result was a more professional Director, all the grievances were resolved, and there was no civil litigation. The organization is now a stronger, more collaborative organization because of Marcella’s leadership.”

Cost Control

“MFR controls costs through careful planning and matching the right level of expertise (and cost) to the specific task.”

“Budget for the investigation was limited…Ms. Reed was cost conscious in performing the investigation; however the quality of the investigation was not compromised. Effective cost savings measures were discussed and agreed to in advance.”

“As is the nature of investigations, the initial scope of the project can grow. Ms. Reed has been proactive in alerting me to these kinds of situations and has initiated the discussion about tradeoffs and risk. In my experience I found that Ms. Reed understood the financial constraints faced by the agency and offered ways to keep costs in line with original projections.”

“Costs are also controlled by MFR providing ongoing status briefing and consulting with me if additional issues arise.”

Anticipating Potential Business Issues

“One of the parties has filed a lawsuit. Our attorneys have said the work done by MFR will save them a substantial amount of preparation time.”

“I believe that the quality and thoroughness of the investigation was a strong determinant as to why the matter did not end up in a civil service or legal proceeding.”

“She presented her findings and conclusion, apprised management of the additional concerns that the complainant raised during the investigation and made recommendations to resolve the problems that her investigation uncovered.”

“What I appreciate most about Marcella is if it appears we are going to miss an opportunity to make a difference concerning diversity or inclusion, she gives us a call.”

“Their reports and investigative files and documents are prepared in formats that anticipate litigation, which, if that were to occur, facilitates savings in time and money.”