Employment Counsel

MFR Law Group provides advice and guidance to employers on a variety of human resource, employment, and labor-related topics. Since 2002, we have worked with both small and large employers on a variety of matters, including termination of employees, employee contracts, review and development of HR policies and procedures, affirmative action planning, discrimination and harassment complaints, wage and hour issues, and management of litigation.

Although MFR Law Group does not litigate cases, we have experience responding to Department of Labor, OFCCP, EEOC, and HRC investigations, acting as counsel in federal and state court litigation, administrative hearings, and arbitrations. We also have experience managing complex litigation and developing strategies for class action lawsuits. In the labor arena, we bring experience providing legal advice on strike operations, developing training for more than 5,000 supervisors, handling grievances, responding to union organizing campaigns, and supporting contract negotiations.

Marcella Fleming Reed, the principal of MFR Law Group, serves as an expert witness for employees and companies. Marcella is available to share her expertise on the conduct of investigations and the efficacy of specific HR policies and procedures gained through more than 30 years of legal experience.

As a peer professional and attorney, it is my privilege to unequivocally and enthusiastically recommend Marcella as an employment law attorney and advisor.  Employment laws change so rapidly and practice in this area requires a significant and constant pursuit to both deepen and broaden one’s knowledge.  This is no easy task; however, Marcella successfully accomplishes this task with dedication and a great desire to serve her clients!

Most recently, while working with Marcella on a mutual client matter, through a combination of her extensive experience, keen insight and in depth employment law knowledge and analysis, Marcella’s practical and common sense approach resulted in a better than anticipated resolution of an extremely challenging employment matter.  Throughout these discussions, Marcella dedicated substantial time to review the pros and cons of various options, recognized the non-legal stresses and issues facing the employer and considered and advised regarding best options to minimize overall client costs.  At this time, Marcella’s exceptional collaborative efforts and intense responsiveness promptly assessed risks and issues while incorporating rapidly evolving C0VID19 federal and state laws and pronouncements into necessary decision-making.  Marcella balanced crucial and relevant matters, within a short period of time, while presenting a much appreciated professional and calm demeanor.  In a word, her counsel was invaluable.

Although it’s rare for me to take the time to provide an endorsement such as this, I genuinely believe it is helpful and important to call out professionals who have achieved a level of excellence, caring and competence that calls for applause.  Marcella is such a professional and I am confident that she and her entire team will continue to provide exceptional and diligent representation with uncommon passion and competency.  I know I will continue to refer employment matters to her and deeply appreciate the resource she provides to my clients and to so many!

In serving as our legal advisors, MFR Law Group continually provides us with superb counsel and advice.  They take into consideration the practical needs of our business and partner with us to achieve our goals.  We are also appreciative of the sensitivity and urgency with which delicate matters are handled and always feel that we are in good hands.