Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Through executive coaching, MFR helps clients address organizational issues, including leadership development, conflict resolution, cultural competency, performance improvement, organizational restructuring, retreat/meeting facilitation, strategic planning facilitation, and team building.

Our approach to coaching is based on mentoring, innovating, inspiring, and reinventing. We conduct one-on-one and group coaching engagements that are focused on driving change and achieving results. Together we work towards building an entire team’s leadership skills, identifying areas of growth and opportunities for community leadership.

We have also had the opportunity to consult with Ms. Reed on leadership coaching. Ms. Reed is able to provide a multidimensional perspective because of her deep experience of work on behalf of clients from a wide spectrum of sectors and entity sizes.

My job in the prosecutor’s office demanded more than ever that I have a broad knowledge of diversity in our county. I met Marcella when she first came to our office when we needed team building and leadership coaching. She led us to a place which was safe for everyone to voice their opinion, and leaders gained the knowledge from Marcella on how to accomplish their own conflict resolutions. I personally gained something as valuable: a person who cared about me and my quest to learn more about diversity.

She worked with me to develop a strategy for immediately stopping the Director’s behavior, team building with the staff, coaching the Executive Director in leadership, conflict mediation between the staff and Director, and assisted me in a report to the Board. She held a team-building retreat for the staff off site and because of her integrity and leadership, they trusted her. The result was a more professional Director, all the grievances were resolved, and there was no civil litigation. The organization is now a stronger, more collaborative organization because of Marcella’s leadership.