Conflict Resolution through Mediation

Marcella Fleming Reed, the principal of MFR Law Group, helps organizations efficiently resolve disputes with former and current employees through mediation services.

You can enlist our services to help resolve employment disputes before – or even after – litigation. Mediation is voluntary and all parties must consent to participate with the goal of creating a mutually agreeable solution. As the mediator, Marcella serves as a neutral facilitator, first to determine the issues that need to be addressed and then to guide the parties through the process of achieving resolution. She also advises each party on the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the likelihood that the dispute can be resolved through the mediation process.



“I firmly believe from my own experience as a mediator averaging about 40 mediations a year and a member of several dispute resolution organizations (American Arbitration Association since 1971), that Marcella is a must have mediator.”

“Marcella’s skills as a mediator are held in the highest esteem. She has a tremendous ability to connect with diverse constituencies. She will push hard when necessary, but in a very respectful way, that gets results. And she consistently gets the highest marks on our post-mediation evaluations. We know her to be capable of finding settlement in the most entrenched conflicts, to be thoughtful, patient and compassionate with clients, and to be thorough in the crafting of settlement agreements that stand the test of time.”

“Marcella is a very skilled mediator. This claimant was particularly challenging because I do believe he has some mental health issues; he was represented by someone who is not experienced in employment matters; and the underlying legal claim was certain to be dismissed by the court and therefore the County was not willing to devote significant funds to its resolution—so, I can tell you it took real skill and tenacity to achieve this resolution. I am very grateful for the excellent work of Marcella and her co-mediator and a program that helped us achieve closure on a challenging claim.”