MFR Law Group PLLC

MFR Law Group provides comprehensive employment law and human resource services to organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. These services include advising on all facets of employment, conducting workplace investigations, facilitating conflict resolution through mediation, and developing best leadership practices.

Marcella Fleming Reed, Laura Yamashita, and Bill Reed offer executive coaching and mentoring to help your organization create an environment that is productive and positioned to achieve its goals.

MFR also provides training in preventing or correcting workplace harassment and discrimination, ensuring compliance with federal and state employment laws, and fostering diversity in the workplace. Integrity, confidentiality, sensitivity, and a commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our practice.

Our Services

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Through executive coaching, MFR helps clients address organizational issues, including leadership development, conflict ...

Group Facilitation and Training

MFR Law Group facilitates meetings of 5 or more in a variety of areas, including, company or department retreats, annual...

Conflict Resolution through Mediation

Marcella Fleming Reed, the principal of MFR Law Group, helps organizations efficiently resolve disputes with former and ...

Employment Counsel

MFR Law Group provides employment and labor law advice and guidance to employers on a variety of human resource, employm...

Workplace Investigations

MFR Law Group is adept at handling complex investigations into employee complaints of harassment, discrimination, and un...